The idea behind Lo-Key Conversations is to spark something in people, other than the everyday nonsense that we see on social media. There have been barriers set around the intelligence that everyone is naturally blessed with. These conversations will hopefully break down those barriers and generate dialog that we can all benefit from. Thank You to all that have decided to take this journey with us! Feel free to spread the word by sharing the pages. Our first conversation (episode) aired on November 5th, 2017. There will be a new episode webcasting every Sunday night. You can click the ‘Send Email’ tab or go to and leave a Topic of Conversation suggestion. We have also launched a live podcast, entitled When All Else Fails that is available on several platforms, after airing live on Facebook. The podcast is hosted by Colleen Smith every Thursday and will cover pretty much everything relating to the life of a hard-working woman.

From making music, to management, and now the CEO of Mandated Entertainment. Founder and host of Lo-Key Conversations, Curtis Smith is on a personal mission…keeping the idea of growing through old school tactics of having great conversations with interesting people, in a comfortable, social setting. “You’d be surprised how much more personal someone will be with you, simply by speaking face to face with them, without the clutch of a social media supported device.”

A force in her own right, Colleen Smith brings a level of calm and regulation to the table when needed. With her strong belief in balance and women empowerment, she has begun her own venture, in addition to her contribution to Lo-Key Conversations. When All Else Fails podcast is hosted by Colleen and focuses solely on uplifting and inspiring women to grow together, by getting to know one another through face-to-face conversations. Every woman has a story to tell!